Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Insight In

Behind the eyes
sadness lies
conscious attention

expands the vision
ocular solar system 
eyes wide shut

on any of the planets
or realms beyond

there must be an
entity willing to
reflect in prisms

the expansive truth
of the love I emanate
when astrally projecting

Someone who dares
to look beyond what's
seen, into the soul's source

Friction fear ambiguity
a quagmire of self inflicted
gelatinous residue

Breathe deeply into these
places of conflict
see how the veins pulse

in rhythm with 
the drum beat
of the mother's heart

The Universe is birthing
a new age of warriors
who light up illusions

with the truth which
lies behind the eyes
beyond the sadness

don't get stuck, 
this container is
only temporary

live now in 
exquisite harmony
focus on sight unseen...


Connecting Wishes

In dreams 
it seems 
delicate fibers
weave elaborate

Universal orchestra
lights up hemispheres
connecting wishes
with memories
like mica in moonlight

Consoling my waking
container of self
whose only touch
emanates from
magic cat's paws

In dreams
I walk, left hand
on the Crow 
Right palm lights
up each time I touch

Musical prodigy
our desire lit
like fireflies in heat
exquisite thinning veil

wake and dream...


Sunday, August 12, 2012


Interrupting old messages,
cosmic cleansing
tuning fork poised 

Refined frequency 
offers less static
to cling to

I will not craft 
your story 
despite being a natural 


Love conduits
New Millennium of
Indigo sages

Raise high your
Meteor showers


recalibrate your chakras
I touch each one
with rose petal kisses

Each eyebrow's curve
a rainbow
expression of



Monday, August 6, 2012

Love Symphony Number Two

What kind of flavor is your crazy?
What's that madness you're a brewin?
You aromatic nut

There's a crack in my
cosmic egg
light shines forth no need to dread

Sound Doctor
tune into my elixir
our remedy could lay in
synthesizing the mixture

Aged tannins yield
potent concoctions...
what if our magic
was waiting to be unleashed?

Season well with self awareness
Knowing when to hold the tongue
Humility comes from vulnerability
Strength from letting go

Twenties governed by desire
Thirties led by spirit
Forties surrendering to fate
Illusion of control has no power here

Love, honor, respect, nurturing, sensuality,
creativity, patience, humor, inspiration...
even a commitment to the process
To trust the never ending journey

There are only eternal nows
conscious remembering
to be kind
selfless service

Sensuality has it's place too
It unleashes that which can't be named
Unlocks the door to that shared forgotten space
Infinite wisdom of the one...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Remedy # 22

You’ll know you’ve encountered

a toxic energy shaker if

your world feels like a maraca,

or if clouds appear sinister on a Spring day

to dispel shadowy residue

find a secluded hill overlooking a field

play a flute in this place until dusk,

witness purple light crest the mountain’s hips

shed your clothes and shoes,

wear only crystals and gems which were

bathed in sea salt and replenished under a full moon

kiss the fronts of both palms, first left then right

gently plant yourself among the grass and moss

fashion a crown of Dandelions, weave it through your hair

listen to bird song melt into the cicadas minuet

Hum from deep inside your being

Lay back and let the night wind ignite your skin

let the stars fill your eyes with universal hope

Sing the moon a lullabye while rising to your feet

Dance with the fullness of night's mystery

Call to a mountain and meet her

follow crystal veins in the rock's face

trek down her side until she smiles up at you

walk into the water and meet your reflection

Anoint your flesh with cool water

swim as the true mermaid that you are

let the fish tickle your toes without flinching

find a rock still warm from the day's sun

Lay upon it and rest, find a language all your own

let your song inform you of forgotten melodies

Breathe deeply touch the earth once again

return to your starting place

your energy is cleansed.

A.S. 5/22/2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chics in Wheelchairs

On the boob tube a comedian guffaws
"I have high standards
no chics in wheelchairs or ones who use canes"

In a meeting, a woman shared
"I deserve more than to be with a man
who walks with a cane."

I happened to be leading that meeting
she, so self absorbed didn't connect the dots
when, at the end, I rose with the aide of my cane.

I can't fault them, even I
say in the recesses of my mind
you're broken, unwanted...

They do not know that in the flash of a headlight
my life was altered from harmony to staccato rhythms
I know that I am still whole inside...

except for the hole where I bury my doubts, loneliness and fears.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Filters as Shields

Her face twists into a veil
she, an empath, a clairvoyant too
catching trails of thought
feels her way into a room.

The clambering tambourine
of your disquieted mind is too strong
buffering as best she can
adipose tissue, a painted fan

She sees a hole which you stuff with people places and things
braces herself, careful not to be sucked right in
knowing full well it is meant to be there
Mind races, pulse quickens, you're scared.

Part the curtains or sea, which can never stay still
The hole's not broken don't fix it, your conduit wails.
Each soul's not perfect, each egg has a crack
The hole is really a treasure map.

Instead of yearning, you might sit and pray
or if that's not your bag list ten good things you ate today
unimportant the method, you bring it forth
the hole is there to guide you, like a tuning fork.

A.S. 4/10/2011